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Razor-sharp strategists, researchers and analysts, uniquely entwined with eclectic artists and poets. It’s a perfectly strange mix where rich and inherent tension leads to solutions that are inspired.

We are making headlines

Board of Director

Nurfajri Budi Nugroho
Nurfajri Budi Nugroho CEO
Glenn Jolodoro
Glenn Jolodoro COO
Fahrul Haqi
Fahrul Haqi CTO
Insaf Albert Tarigan
Insaf Albert Tarigan Content Director
Danto Dewanto
Danto Dewanto VP Sales & Marketing
When big data meet digital marketing

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The vision & Expression


Yessa Nadia Abgail
Yessa Nadia Abgail Partnership
Moch Taufik Fadillah
Moch Taufik Fadillah Designer
Dini Adlina
Dini Adlina Media Planner
Hadiq Afianto
Hadiq Afianto Developer
Radityo Putro Nugroho
Radityo Putro Nugroho Designer


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Thank you for your interest in our deck with Never Enough Journey!


PT. Digital Nusantara Advertensi
Tendean Square Unit 11
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi
No. 122-124 Jakarta Selatan 12170

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+6221 7278 3956



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