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Nurfajri Budi Nugroho CEO

Nurfajri Budi Nugroho has been working as a journalist since 2005. He has written many pieces for detik.com, MNC Group, including reporting from the Europe, USA, and Southeast Asia.
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Fajri began his reporting career as a reporter at detik.com in 2005, where he covered stories for the Metro and National Issues. In 2007, he started a two-year tenure as a Managing Editor at MNC Group, where he responsible to covered Economy and Financial, International, Politics, and Lifestyle.

Between 2009-2014, Fajri served as assitant to special staff under President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono. During this period, Fajri uses his skill in media monitoring and issues analysist, as well as involved in formulating critical advice to the president.

Fajri has co-authored and edited several books. In 2015, he appointed as Vice Editor In Chief of Metrotvnews.com. He changed the organizational structure, and introduced native advertising as a new revenue stream for the company. Under his tenure, Metrotvnews.com has doubled its employees and increase revenue by more than 100 percent.

Outside of the office, he is likely to explore the city and took some great photos with his DSLR or mirrorless camera.
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Glenn Jolodoro COO

What is intersection between Web Designer and Digital Marketing? Looking back to Glenn Jolodoro strong 10 years experience in market leaders company, it's easy to find the answer: Creativity.
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He gathered wide and comprehensive set of successful business cases to company’ strategy, innovations and growth plan. Received his B.A in Architecture, Glenn began his career as a Web Designer for detik.com in 2006, then decided to join the founding fathers of Okezone.com --MNC Group-- in 2007. He helped to lay the foundation and expansion of that News and Entertainment Portal to find their unique place in a very competitive market.

In 2013, Glenn developed a new set of marketing tools and strategic plan to boost Okezone.com revenue. His success story attracted Metrotvnews.com who want to reinvent itself. So, between 2014-2017, Glenn served as General Manager Sales and Marketing at Metrotvnews.com. He made a breakthrough to cracking the huge digital potential market. During his tenure, beside native advertising, Glenn also created Online Scholarship Competition, the biggest offline-online competition in Indonesia.

His experience combined with natural taste for effective strategy also helped Metro TV to reach its digital audience.

In his spare time, Glenn searching for travel deals, gardening, cooking or design.
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Insaf Albert Tarigan Content Director

Albert is a former Managing Editor at Metrotvnews.com, one of Indonesia's most respected media outlets. He specializes in technology issues, including gadget, computer and its hardware, games, telco, and more.
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He have worked in the media industry for 9 years, ultimately gaining experience in technology, politics, and social issues. He also passionate about social media management, native advertising, communication strategy, and content marketing.

His passion for writing can be traced back to his pre-proffesional days. Whether as an activist at University of Jember or a columnist at several local media in East Java.

Outside of the office, he is likely watching movies, re-reading Tetralogi Pulau Buru. You can discuss about Wes Anderson or Woody Allen movies anytime, Albert will be enthusiastic.
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Danto Dewanto VP Sales & Marketing

Danto Dewanto is a combination of planner, strategist, brand and digital person. He has been tinkering with digital stuff for over 9 years, from Content Management, Product Management, Pre Sales to Digital Strategic.
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From 2008-2017, he dedicated his talent in two of the most respected media companies in Indonesia, MNC Group and Metro TV. Danto began his carreer at MNC Group in 2008, where he served as a Content Management Officer. From 2010-2014, he was promoted twice to become Head of Product Management and Business Support, and Head of Pre Sales.

In November 2014, Danto left MNC Group to join Metrotvnews.com as its Head of Digital Strategic Planner. He helped boost the company into a multibillion-rupiah-a-year business and doubling its size

Danto is passionate about digital transformation, mobile and fascinated by how technology can change the way people see the world around them. He hates the typical cut-copy-paste job and always starving for innovation, despite the fact that it means experimentation and risk.

Danto enjoys listening to music. If you challenge him to play Pro Evolution Soccer, he will win.
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