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We help our clients find solutions to modern problems.

Native Advertising & Content Marketing

Native Ads, Advertorial, Video, Photo and Infographic

Digital Strategy

Social Media Handling, Social Media Activation, Media Handling, SEO & SEM

Institution & Personal Branding

PR Strategy, CSR Strategy, Brand Activation and Media Relation

Training & Consultancy

Workshop, FGD and Seminar

Analysis & Insight

Media Intelligent and Monitoring

Web & Mobile Services

Full Services Website and Mobile Development

We create big data - based content

To Deliver your message with the best digital experience to reach audiences at home, device, and in their heart

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Nurfajri Budi Nugroho
Nurfajri Budi Nugroho CEO
Glenn Jolodoro
Glenn Jolodoro COO
Fahrul Haqi
Fahrul Haqi CTO
Insaf Albert Tarigan
Insaf Albert Tarigan Content Director
Danto Dewanto
Danto Dewanto VP Sales & Marketing

a clearly defined

Online customer value proposition

Media Share

Media Share

DNA can define list of media that publish spesific topic or ssue. It will make media approach more easy for campaign execution



To diagnose sentiment of a topic / issue for publication in Indonesia is very important to determine publication strategy

Spreed of Issue

Spreed of Issue

DNA also knows the news based on which areas where the topic is raised



The relevance of influencers to topics or issue, can help build legitimacy

Social Media Measurement

Social Media Measurement

Social Media conversation become one of DNA core strategy. We believe social media have a powerful impact to build public perseption

Hot Issue

Hot Issue

Based on hot issue analysis, we can determine tendency issues that weaken or strenghten spesific topic


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