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Client Name: Posjateng.ID

Website: is a gay news portal. In line with Central Java jargon which is full of enthusiasm, brave, tough, honest, friendly, uplifting, harmonious, and warm.

We hope to be an answer to the hoaxing of hoaxes, piece of information, and news without confirmation but which are considered as truth. Especially in our region, Central Java and Yogyakarta Special Region.

Dominated by young people who are experienced in the world of journalism, not only enlivens the media industry but we bring novelty.

Not only reporting on national issues, we are also concerned about the events around us that are conveyed factually, sharply, and contextually. The other side that journalists often forget is also our focus.

Our news covers three essential things namely facts, data and words. We hope that these three links will produce valuable insights for all readers.


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